[vc_row bg_repeat=”no-repeat” bg_horizontal=”center” bg_vertical=”top” bg_attachment=”fixed”][vc_column][hgroup tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold” text_transform=”none” text_align=”center” font_size=”28″ mt=”50″]Zealous, Knowledgeable, and Compassionate Attorneys[/hgroup][vc_column_text pt=”15″ pb=”50″]Clients trust the experience and dedication of our attorneys.  Our firm is made up of a former prosecutor and former public defenders.  We have a vast amount of litigation experience and are used to being in the courtroom every single day advocating on behalf of our clients.  Having been on both sides of the system, we can provide a unique perspective to our clients and understand the best way to approach each individual case.  We have a vast amount of experience representing clients in bond hearings, preliminary hearings, bench trials, jury trials, and on appeal.

Our Approach:

  • Time Allotted – We believe in taking the necessary time to get to know our clients, understand the particular legal issues in your case, and provide all of the relevant information to help you navigate through the legal process.  This means that we offer free consultations without time limits.  Whether it takes 30 minutes or two hours, we will sit down and listen to what you have to tell us about your case.
  • Personalized Attorney Service -when you call with questions about your case, you will speak directly with your attorney.  Our attorneys take most of their calls directly and are also available by text message and email.  We understand the importance of clients being able to reach out to their attorneys when they need them.
  • Specialization – Although we do have several areas of practice, the main focus of our firm is criminal law and we practice in only a few counties in the surrounding areas.  We believe that familiarity with the jurisdiction, prosecutors, and judges is of great value to our clients.
  • Convenient Hours – We know that our clients have busy lives and looming court dates already take enough of a toll on your schedule.  We do our best to provide convenient hours to meet with us as well as provide phone appointments and other means of communicating about your case.

To learn more about the education and accomplishments of our attorneys, we invite you to review their biographies using the links provided below.


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